97 Dandy Digger T-86: Price Reduced


  • Includes: Bucket, 3′ Extension, 2′ Extension
  • 6″ Auger & 8″ Auger
  • Kohler engine front and back the rear motor is
  • 725 CC with no leaks or oil burning.
  • The front motor is the same as the rear
  • This machine is gas-powered and also has 4×4.
  • The rig can dig a 30”x 8’ deep hole, it can dig through rocky areas, the digger uses chains to dig in soft ground and you can also switch to hydraulic rams for the hard digging.
  • Dandy digger also offers a post pounder, fence stretcher, forks, and several other attachments.
  • Right now the machine is set up to dig with more torque and lower RPM, this can also be adjusted. We have it set like this so we don’t snap any internal parts.
  • The machine also has 2 each 60-gallon on-demand water tanks that have a switch to engage a water pump that will shoot water into the hole while digging.

Great for installing fencing, signage, and guardrails along the roadways and private jobs.