React 350 – 9 Bay Crash Cushions


React 350 – 9 Bay Crash Cushion For Sale

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We have 1  React 350 – 9 Bay Crash Cushions for sale that is a non-deployed attenuator system available. Can move quickly.

This crash attenuator may qualify for in Temporary placements, Construction Zone, CZ or Permanent Crash Cushion Attenuator applications. [Depending on local state requirements and/or PQL’s – which vary]

The REACT Crash Cushions are known for a unique resilience. The ease with which these cushions can be returned to service after many impacts: ‘remarkably easy.’ Reusable, re-taskable, resilient, self-restoring.

The REACT 350 has been said to be self-restoring after impacts. This self-restoration keeps the hazard protected. Consistent protection of the hazardous area. This crash cushion is often 100% reusable after design impacts. When in rare need of repair, this attenuator system typically requires minimal repairs. The REACT system can often handle multiple impacts and stay in duty without requiring maintenance while often taking numerous common nuisance hits and bumps.

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Meeting NCHRP 350, these are redirective, non-gating crash cushions. Employing cylinders made from high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) plastic that is arranged to shield rigid hazards with three system widths of 1.525 m (60”), 2.440 m (96”) and 2.050 m (120”). When impacted within the design capacity specified in NCHRP 350, the cylinders typically regain up to 90% of their original shape and capacity without maintenance or repair of major components.

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