SLED Water Filled MASH/TL3 Unit – Looking for more.


All these units originally posted have been sold.

We are actively looking for more sled units.

We also have multiple ABSORB 350 water filled units for sale.


From the manufacturers website:

Water Filled SLED MASH/TL-3 units. Plastic, water-filled portable barrier that provides positive protection to the work zone that redirects and brings the vehicle to a controlled stop, thus meeting the TL3 requirements as a longitudinal Barrier under the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH).

The Water Filled Sled MASH TL-3 Unit uses water dispersion in combination with moulded-in steel cables. Upon impact, the plastic module ruptures and disperses the contained water to prevent vehicle intrusion into the work zone. Simultaneously, the steel cables provide the strength to safely catch the misguided vehicle, preventing vehicle intrusion into the work zone.

The Water Filled Sled MASH TL-3 Unit is designed, tested and constructed to provide acceptable structural adequacy, minimal occupant risk and safe trajectory as set forth in MASH for longitudinal barriers.

The Water Filled SLED MASH TL-3 Units connects directly to the SLED which negates the need to shield or flare the ends of the barrier.

When correctly installed the system is capable of stopping, containing or re-directing an errant vehicle in a safe manner under MASH impact conditions.