Sold: 1995 FL-80 Sterling B-7 Post Driver Truck with Pressure Digger, Remote Drive Tandem Axle


Chassis: 1995 FL-80 tandem axle – with ONLY 93,700 miles on the chassis. 

Registered GVWR: 54000 lbs.

Air brakes.


Chassis Transmission: 8 Speed Eaton Mod. # RT 7 608 LL – split rear end.

Equipped with a very-low-end gear system. 

Chassis Engine: 6 Cyl-diesel: 505 Cummins 8.3-liter Mod. # C8 3-275

Tires in good shape. 

~2000lbs. Sterling B-7 Drop-hammer with Remote drive and a 2.5” Kelly bar PRESSURE DIGGER.

Pressure diggers can deploy down-hole pressure significantly stronger than that of a standard 2” Side-Ride Hex bit drills. 

Rear Aux Engine:

6cyl Ford 300 CID gas engine as the power-plant.

The B-7 is a well-tested platform that will make a happy new owner.