26,000 ft Available: Plasticade Modular Glare Screen


  • Reduces installation time! – Unique “Snap-in Place” design for quick and easy installation and removal on-site
  • Reduces labor costs! – No time-consuming preassembly needed
  • Reduces transportation costs by 65% or more – Fit over 3 miles of glare screen on one semi-truck, compared to 1 mile of competitor’s product
  • Reduces storage space needed by 80% or more – quick to disassemble and store – compact stacking of rails and blades
  • Blades are repositionable on-site for barrier wall relocation – only two blades need to be removed for relocation – base rail remains in place
  • Standard product is for use on the left side of traffic – can be provided for use on both left and right sides
  • Rail mounts flush on barrier wall eliminating rail fractures
  • All polymer plastic – no fiberglass splinters – no rust – durable and long-lasting
  • 6”W blades – available in heights 18” to 24”, other heights upon request
  • 6”W rails – available in various lengths up to 15’

Vertical Blade and Rail System: Attach to existing barrier wall, which will reduce headlight glare from opposing traffic and prevent pedestrians from crossing barriers. Glare screen systems are often installed in these areas:

  • In the median of streets and motorways with several lanes
  • On roads with heavy nocturnal vehicle traffic.
  • Between parallel or approaching roads, when traffic runs in opposite directions
  • In long curves
  • On bridges
  • Near buildings that reflect traffic headlights toward roadways

Watch the video below from Plasticade to learn more about their product.