TL-3 ACZ 350 Units Available


Need AFFORDABLE TL-3 Cushions? Got ACZ’s on your QPL’s?
If YES = got a really good deal for you! #Call-Isaiah-Now!

We have several Complete, TL-3 ACZ Units available for sale:

  • Lightweight design for more efficient assembly and relocation.
  • Narrow profile.
  • Does not use foundations or anchors.

31’ 7″ (9.6 m) Long x 1’ 10” (0.6 m) Wide x 33″ High (0.84 m). 1,350 lbs. Empty Weight & 6,160 lbs. Full Weight

The ACZ-350 is a non-redirective, gating crash cushion that consists of an integrated steel nose and water-filled, steel-reinforced plastic segments. The ACZ units are ideal for use in work zone applications.

Interested? Contact Isaiah at Traffic Circle: 1-800-618-7604

This is what makes us happy: When owners (who have a stagnant, no longer-needed supply) and buyers (who have a rising demand) – are connected. We feel our job has been done when pallets, truckloads, or whole units of outstanding used highway safety items roll out from storage. Time after time, products featured here are quickly and easily loaded and transferred to a new owner, new uses, and sometimes, new nations. Buyers get great deals. Sellers receive sweet cash, pre-positioning them for a better business future. We trust that many sellers have freed up necessary cash flow, funding their war chests to open up new and profitable revenue streams.

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