These TL-3’s are often reusable after design impacts.

Items are sold through Traffic Circle are routinely moved to new owners in distant locations. Surplus, idle items find new uses, new strengths, or new nations. Buyers receive crucial access here. Sellers receive sweet cash here. Both buyers and sellers are pre-positioned for a better business future. We keep things moving. Stagnant, surplus, idle equipment is serving no one. Our hope is to continue to put quality equipment to good use, at bid-winning prices.

At Traffic Circle, our vision is: To Bring Prosperity. To Live in Integrity. To Facilitate Community

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“There truly is a Cycle of Stewardship.”

We have to be good stewards of our Used Attenuators, Crash Cushions and/or TMA’s.  Often they are unused and are in good working order.  They are perfect for permanent and temporary applications.  These Crash Cushions are often bought and sold by Highway Safety Contractors for Work Zones and Construction Zones.

What happens when Traffic Circle connects surplus traffic control items with ready opportunities? Stale investments are turned into liquid capital. Idle stock is shipped out-of-region. Buyers meet obligations with less cash outlay and owners get cash. Critical cash-flow is freed-up for both parties. Both parties also operate leaner and are better positioned for future business. Equipment owners get to recover ROI. The buyer gets to do more. It’s a complete win-win. If you are looking for Quadguard Systems, REACT Systems, TRACC Systems, TAU Systems, Smart Cushions, HEART by Trinity, QUEST  Systems or BEAT-SSCCs then give us a call or go to our Classifieds Section where these life saving Attenuator and Crash Cushions are currently ready to be sold and bought.